What is Wing Chun

    • Wing Chun is a Chinese martial art that utilises simultaneous attack and defence.
    • Wing Chun is based on concepts rather than a multitude of techniques and combinations
    • Wing Chun can be used effectively from the very first day you start training, you do not need to build up a great skill level and become a master fighter to win the fight.
    • Wing Chun does not meet force with force, instead it strives to redirect that oncoming force thus allowing us to overcome the attacker using the easier path.
    • Wing Chun is suitable for just about anyone regardless of whether you are tall, short, male, female, old or young and in some cases have a physical disability like myself.
    • When the fight is on you don’t know what fighting skill your attacker has, Wing Chun works well in this type of situation because you don’t train for the scenario you take what comes and go on the attack.

Wing Chun is like no other martial art that is currently trained in Britain, unlike BJJ, MMA, judo, karate and aikido just to name a few, Wing Chun Kung fu has never been widely known in the United Kingdom, even more so in the north of England, normally on British television its usual see people flying through the air and doing spectacular kicks that look really cool from great actors such as Jackie Chan and Jet Li doing spectacular stunts having you believe Chinese kung fu is done that way.

Well throw all that out of the window, Wing Chun is totally the opposite, it is simple and direct making it seem very fast, this makes it suitable for weaker less athletic types to fight well and on many occasions win the fight. Your age or gender is not important; Wing Chun is suitable for mostly everyone.

How many of you know that Bruce Lee built the foundation of his own martial art Jeet Kune Do (The way of the intercepting fist) on what he had learned from Ip Man. Ip Man in turn passed the Wing Chun system down to his two children Ip Chun and Ip Chin who in turn passed it down to many other since their father died.

The Wing Chun system incorporates 3 empty hand forms, a dummy form and two weapon forms. These are called.

  • Siu-Lim-Tau (little idea)
  • Chum-Kui (bridge seeking)
  • Biu-Jee (darting fingers)
  • Muk-Yan-Chong (Wooden Man)
  • Lik-Dim-Boon-Gwan (six and a half point pole)
  • Bart-Cham-Dao (butterfly knives)

Wing Chun also has a curriculum called Chi-sau this is designed to help you apply the techniques and theories learned in the empty hand forms to real fighting, the focus is on concepts rather than techniques so that any given time you are never stuck for a response because Wing Chun has no limitations.